Kelly White

Kelly is a gifted psychic with over 25 years of experience. Kellys gift is not something she was taught or studied. Kelly was born with her gift and discovered it at age 9. Kelly worked on her energy through deep meditation, fasting and prayer to further  ability to see, hear and feel energy from other people more clearly.


Kelly has worked with all walks of life from your average person struggling with day to day issues to law enforcement, celebrities and congress. Kelly started reading professionally at the age of 14 to the age of 18 then took a short break to work on her gift. Kelly then opened her own business doing readings, teaching meditation and healing when she was 21. Kelly has been advising clients since then in person, on the phone, chat and text.


Kelly's Own Twin Flame Journey

Kelly not only has the ability to help clients on twin flame journey's from a psychic's point of view, but also as someone that has been on this journey herself with her twin flame for 24 years.


I Myself have been on a twin flame journey with my husband. It was not easy from the beginning of the journey. It wasn't a fairytale (it never is) but I can say if you put in the work that's needed you can have a beautiful happy ending. My husband and I have had many struggles coming to union. It was as if all the forces of nature where trying to separate us, yet at the same time wouldn't let us completely separate. It was something that I now call twin flame hell. You cannot move forward but your also stuck in the past. There is a lot of frustration as well as questions, but if you have the right tools, guidance, patience and faith you can get past it. My husband and I are now married 24 years with 2 beautiful children and the life that I thought would be totally impossible. We got our happily ever after!

- Kelly White