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Kelly Has the ability to help clients with all types of struggles, but specializes in love and relationship. Kelly will be able to tell you what type of connection you have (if any). When we struggle with issues we tend to look at what we are facing in that moment and how we are effected by it. Kelly has the ability to look at the bigger picture of what's going on around you and why. Kelly can help you see why you are facing obstacles, but also help you get passed them. Kelly does not sugar coat, she is a straightforward psychic that "tells it like it is" not what you want to hear. Kelly believes that her clients should know the truth, good or bad. In doing so your not being set up for disaster, Kelly would rather give you the guidance and tools you need to get past and overcome issues you may be facing or will face.


A twin flame connection is a magnetic connection, but sometimes energies get shifted and are not aligned. And just like magnets that are not aligned you cannot connect. Shifting energy back to alignment will allow the magnetic connection to happen as is should naturally.

Kelly is very strict when it comes to energy cleansing and will not shift any energies that are not needed. A phone or text reading must be done first to evaluate energies. Kelly also follows her spirit guides when it comes to energy work, her spirit guides inform her of when cleansing is necessary and when it is not. Kelly only works with a few select clients when clearing energies.


Kelly is one of only a few psychic's that have the ability to access akashic records. Kelly does not abuse this ability and only uses it when needed to distinguish connections and life journey's. 


Kelly can not only help you to balance your chakra energy through remote healing, but also give you the tools needed to keep your chakras balanced. Kelly also has the ability to see which chakra needs balancing and which is chakra is balanced.

Kelly also sells chakra balancing kits with energy charged crystals and candles catered to each individual client. Call or text for pricing (561) 908-1212.

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