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Twin Flame Runner And Chaser

Some twin flames will experience a twin flame runner and a chaser. This can be very dificult on the chasers part as well as the runner.

Sad on Couch
Sad on Couch


A twin flame chaser is the twin flame that can see the bigger picture in this relationship. The twin flame chaser is running toward the twin flame runner to try to make the relationship work. The twin flame chaser will also be able to feel, hear and see the twin flame runner's emotions, feelings and fears.


A twin flame runner is the twin flame that although they can feel thier twin flame connection is strong they view a twin flame connection as it being something to run away from. A twin flame runner can also feel the twin flame chasers energy but the twin flame runner will try to block it out as viewing it as negative. This can be very dificult for the twin flame runner because they do not know why they feel this way.

Thinking Man on Couch

It can be very difficult to discern a runner and chaser on your own. You may have searched the web for twin flame test or twin flame signs and still be very confused. Twin flames have Karmic cords that can not be seen without having the ability. Also not always will there be signs and symptoms of a twin flame connection Which also makes it very hard to discern. A twin flame psychic reading will help you not only discern a connection but also help you understand it as well as guide you in the path of building the twin flame connection.

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